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Please be as specific as possible when describing your event.

Note reoccurring dates in the Event/Program Details section; specify if the event occurs daily, weekly or monthly.

MCCS Marketing Department
Please contact the MCCS Marketing Department at 703.784.5803 if you have questions or require support in completing your request.

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Marketing Requests
  • Submit seven weeks prior to event (allows 30 days for advertisement)
  • MINIMUM of three weeks to turnaround job requests (signage, productions, etc.)
  • All requests must be approved by your supervisor before submission
  • All proofs will be sent to the point of contact (POC)

Sponsorship Requests
  • Submit one year prior to event date for annual events
  • Longer lead time increases sponsorship opportunity
  • Inaugural or new events require a three month lead time
  • Event must be approved by Branch Chief prior to requesting sponsorship

(Please click here in order to fill in the Sponsorship Request Form Please fill it out and send it to the Sponsorship coordinator.

After Action Report
Submit no later than five business days after a major event. Be sure to include financial details and photos.

(Please click here for a After Action Report)

Submit a Ticket

ATTENTION - Before completing request form:

The POC must have the authority to approve proofs and/or jobs submitted. It is the responsibility of the POC to obtain approval from their Director or Leadership before submitting a request.

General Information
Further Details
Date required must be at least 30 days before the Event for submission.
$ Amount requested to enhance event, not for basic event funding.
Type Item & Item Cost
Type Item & Item Cost
Type Item & Item Cost
Which of these is not an animal: chicken, spider, shirt
Before submitting please make sure of the following
  • All necessary information has been filled out.
  • All information is correct and error-free
  • By submitting, you confirm the obtained approval from your Director to execute this event/program.
  • By submitting, you confirm that work can only start until approval is obtained and your plan for the event/program is complete
  • You confirm that you filled the Director Email address to secure and update your leadership about any progress.
We have:
  • recorded as your IP Address
  • recorded the time of your submission

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